Friday, June 5, 2009

Love Tags!

Well it is official - the organisation/tidy freak in mean just loves tagging. For a person who previously had thousands of bokkmarks stored in her favourites folder (yes, many of them in folders and sorted) this is going to be a wonderful tool. One that will fulfil personal needs whilst being valuable in the work space too! Double bonus time.

I love it! I love it! I love it!

When people used to talk about "Delicious" I thought it was the gourmet food magazine online - doh! So, have opened an account - immediate response unlike my RSS Feed one which still awaits verification. What's more I went in and started adding URLS and tagging them. Not quite sure what happened when I tried to add buttons - got myself in a loop there with limited access to help late on a Friday afternoon. Liked the ease of lay out of Cleveland Public Library site and sorting by tagging - so all in all a good one for follow through in the future.

Almost forgot - learnt how to tag multi word tags from Cleveland too ie run them together!

Didn't realise but have also been adding labels to my blogs - these are really "tags" by another name! Bingo.

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