Sunday, July 5, 2009

Time flies when you are having fun!

Hard to believe it, but I am back from leave and in week two already. I am trying to work out where the last couple of weeks have gone. No rest for the wicked, so I must have been very bad in the last little while.
It's interesting, as you get into this Web 2 stuff more and more connections arise. An email from a colleague today invited me to sign on for a live tutorial to learn the "ins and outs" of the Good Reading magazine online. A fan of the hardcopy mag this got me thinking. Could I live without the hardcopy and learn to love the online version? Mmmm....and did I really need a tutorial to get me going? No and no - but lets give it a go anyway I decided. So, online I went. After getting side tracked checking out all of the best titles to read, yes, and going online to BCC Library site to place a hold on a couple - I returned to the task at hand. Yes, the site is easy to navigate and very intuitive. So simple in fact I am beginning to wonder what it is I missed. Perhaps I do need that online tutorial after all. That said, I still love a hardcopy. The look and feel are worth fighting for and you can bring it someones attention much more easily by shoving it under their nose than insisting that they walk over to your computer to "come have a look at this." As for the tutorial, perhaps if I can make the time - this is always the issue. Making the time should not be an episode in guilt management, but should be justifiable as professional development. Perhaps that is why the previous months issue of Good Reading is still sitting on my desk waiting to be read!

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