Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Almost forgot - Flickr update.

Suprised myself this week - went into Flickr to check references for images for an idea I am working on for a mosaic piece. With a Brisbane exhibition coming up in October - in Brisbane! (unheard of I know) I decided to go looking for inspiration to support the design I was developing. Guess what - it really helped.

Final note though, the original design I have developed is based on an image from an SLQ book. Yup - one of those old paper things we find lying around from time to time....but boy is the reference material fantastic. As a bonus you know it has gone through a rigourous selection process enroute to being published.

Anything else I have found online, just adds to the image bank - the original image is by far the best. Work on the piece - a Green Sea Turtle - progresses slowly, so all going well, will post an image of the piece once it is finished. Smiles.

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  1. Hello,
    just so you know I own a shop called smashgirl mosaics and I go by the name smashgirl on everything, flickr, twitter...
    It might be kind of confusing for people. Any chance you could change your name?