Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Social Butterfly

Well I am well and truly "social networking". So far have looked at Twitter only. I recall hearing about this at a "New Technologies" session ages ago and planting it away thinking - "that could be fun." Well, I have signed on - and instantaneously hooked up with 73 followers and 4 friends that I was following, including Horn Kitty. The mind boggles.

Tried to find some friends - have none. Well, given my gmail account is new I shouldn't be suprised. Did eventuall find one - the lovely Thom, so added myself as a follower. So out of 77 attachments you will be pleased to know that 1 was legitimate. And yes, I did shed a tear as I "deleted" Kevin Spacey. I know he too will be devastated. Couldn't even find Nathan on Twitter!

Work wise, it could be a quick and easy way to communicate the non important stuff. Beyond that I am not sure. Will keep looking. Perhaps the secret is in the fact that students are already familiar with this style of working - perhaps students could add/access data to an SLQ Children and Young Peoples (or even specific "events") page. Might be a way to build in reflection time for a group who now expect instant responses to anything and everything. Scope for developing pre and post visit activities, scope to add in to the Schools Progam......yikes!

The name Ning intrigued me so might try that next! Stay tuned. Major gas pipe busted on Corronation Drive so getting the bus home at this stage seems like a non option.

Will let you know what flavour the cupcakes Thom mentioned in his Twitter note were - I sent him a messge to find out! As for me - I made Raspberry and White Choclate muffins to feed my mosaics class last night. Yum Yum.

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