Thursday, June 4, 2009

RSS Feeds for dummies

Well, second go at accessing Bloglines and at least this time it opened. Now I am awaiting verification....and waiting....and waiting.

In the interim I am filling my time looking at potential RSS feed and blogs to subscribe to. Am a little unsure that all of the selections have RSS Feeds, however they come from the list of thos suggested to look at. So far, have given the ok to Courier Mail - Breaking News, BBC, Opal Training Blog and another dog site. Oh - and the IKC Network blog. Even sent them a comment. Hope they get as much of a buzz as having a comment as I did when my one and only comment came through. Challenge is that my verifaction is hung up in the ether somewhere so I am still currently not validated. Boy this could be depressing - no friends (on Twitter, not validated) - would not want to be paranoid about this.

Am going on leave and so am really trying to get this course finished off - don't even own a computer so to have a chance to "win" one is a great incentive. Fingers crossed.

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