Wednesday, June 3, 2009

To Ning or not to Ning?

OK - where do you draw the line. Each one of these sites makes you "sign on" before you can check it out. Not wanting to spend all afternoon signing on I decided to do this the smart way. Checked out reviews for Ning and was happy to note that Ning is Chinese for "Peace" - which dialect I don't know but it gives you a warm glow. Seemed to get a good wrap - assuming they didn;t post their own good review online (stranger things have happened) - but again, do I want to be a "no friends Nellie" on 2 social networking sites? Not today, thanks anyway.

By the way - I have previously signed on to "Linked In" - and have 3 friends there. Is that a social networking site or a variation therein?

Mmmmm. To infinity and beyond is ringing a bell here. Thanks Buzz.

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