Saturday, November 3, 2012

Swiss Alps

With the Italian Alps so close, rising behind Lake Como, we decided to explore further and booked a day trip to Lugano.  Just over the border in Switzerland Lugano too has a lake, and is ringed by the Swiss Alps.  There the similarity ends.   To be fair, our visit was on a cloudy day, so the Swiss Alps were covered in mist.  In summer I imagine they would be impressive however with the weather closing in there was little point in venturing too far into the mountains.  Instead we walked around the town exploring a little.  Lugano is renowned for watches and jewellery.  Both seemed expensive, and suffice to say we did not purchase anything. We then went for a drive around town, up to Mount Bre, a little village on the top of a mountain.  Quaint and with obviously expensive properties on the road up as they overlooked both the lake and the Alps.   We then had lunch at the Principe Leopoldo Hotel and Spa.  Very posh, almost reminiscent of our Michelin experience in Vigny.  This time though, I was unescorted on my visit to the toilet.  The food however was equally impressive as was the wine list, with the hotel producing their own label.  The soup I had for entree was a mixture of seafood and the white beans that we have been seeing a lot of in Italy and which I have grown to love.  Very good indeed. With time on our hands we left Lugano, stopping in Como for a look on the way home.  This was enough to whet the appetite, and I would like to explore further tomorrow, our last day before returning to Paris in preparation for the trip home. 1.11.2012

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