Saturday, November 3, 2012

Aurevoir Paris!

Charles de Gaulle airport continues to challenge us.  We were dropped off in prime position, did battle with the tax refund machine, until the guy behind the glass counter took pity on us.  Then we went to check in.  Again we have been seated separately.  An annoying quirk that we are attributing to using points to book tickets.  So, we again did battle to try to get seated together....we have had some success in the past.  Time will tell how successful we will be this leg of the trip.  Amongst all of the discussion, boarding passes, luggage to check in, the gentleman forgot to tell us details of the Etihad Lounge arrangements.  So once through security we spend the best part of half an hour or more traipsing along the concourse asking for directions to the Etihad Lounge.  No signage to help we eventually struck a helpful gentleman who put in a phone call to check for us - and advised us the American Airlines Lounge is what we needed.  A compass and a cut lunch later we made it.  Now, we only need to allow half an hour to walk back to our boarding gate and all should be fine.  CdeG is a huge place.  Not easily navigated when you have no clue where you are, or where you should be, limited language skills and almost buy perfume (liquids) when these should be reserved for your last stopover.  So, all in all, I think we are happy yo be departing Charles de Gaulle.  Aurevoir Paris.  3.11.2012

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