Saturday, November 3, 2012


Our challenge for the afternoon is to pack.  For some reason we now have stuff everywhere.  Can't imagine how that happened.  Well, other than my smalti purchase blowing out from 10kg to around 17kg.  A few small purchases here and there.  The obligatory gifts for family and friends....token though they are....of, and of course the books.  I really have tried to restrain myself here, but really have no hope being a librarian.  Current tally is 2 books from Ville D'Este (one a recipe book for Frank, one the history of the hotel for me), a history of the Molino Stucky in Venice, Vittorio's current exhibition catalogue, the new Orsoni publication and a handful of mosaic catalogues from MAR Ravenna.  Oops! Finally got it all sorted, but thank goodness we bought the extra case in Venice.   1.11.2012

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