Sunday, October 23, 2011

Who would have thought?

Left Brisbane this morning to fly to Mt Isa. Note to self - Mt Isa is dead on a Sunday afternoon. Not much happening, even less noticeable in shopping centre so we ended up at McDonald's to refuel before driving 120km's to Cloncurry. Kevin, who looked like he was all of 12 years old,served us, then we hit the road. Cloncurry is small, but people seem nice. We finally found our accommodation, only to see a sign redirecting us to the Wagon Wheel Hotel. Yes, we had passed this on our way through town and I had to swallow my disparaging marks as I realized that it was 5 star compared to the Cloncurry Motel. Luckily for us, some quirk of accommodation booking saw our reservation at the Wagon Wheel not the Cloncurry. Phew - can only be described as a lucky escape. A couple of gentlemen helped carry our bags and gave parking advice. Apparently the tree I parked under regularly drops sticky goop onto vehicles. These same guys got bumped to let some new reservations have rooms in The Wagon Wheel. Oops. Had a surprisingly good meal at the restaurant and an icy cold beer. Nothing else in Cloncurry open on a Sunday, except perhaps the Bowls Club which seems to be part of the same property. Go figure. Then watched the Union - World Cup. Kiwis beat France by one point! better luck next year. Now it's raining, pouring in fact. Incredible.

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