Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Still in Hughenden

Highlight for me so far has to be meeting Woofie. A white Irish Wolfhound, not only is he handsome, but placid too. Perfect combination in a dog and pretty essential for one that is 65kgs. He could walk me if he wanted too. Luckily for me his owner runs the library in town, given that is where we are based for the week it has been easy to steal him bright and early each morning. We walk for about an hour and both of us arrive back hot, sweaty and smiling. Word of warning - once this boy has a drink, stand clear.

One thing which is guaranteed is that this guy is certainly a talking point, a great way to meet the locals. That said, apparently I am currently classified as "fresh meat" a first for me. Might be enough to make me become a vegetarian.

The accommodation where we are is pretty basic. Apparently the posh Royal Motel Resort was booked out, as was the venue of choice for visiting Police officers, the Easi Rest. I do however have the most posh toilet seat in all of Hughenden. It is midnight blue with silver glitter. As for the room, no glitter, glam or gloss anywhere. Very basic, but clean.....and an improvement on Bedourie. I am still scarred from the Bedourie experience, except perhaps for the wonder of the night sky. This was incredible, and better even than the Cosmos Centre at Charleville. The Cosmos is in a $5million dollar building with a retractable roof. Worth a visit to view globula clusters through any one of three $30 000 telescopes, but again, for me the best experience was lying on the floor and looking directly at the night sky.

We are working through online databases today, then hope to get away this afternoon to visit Porcupine Gorge. More on that later. Suffice to say that I have the camera fully charged. Apparently the local name for this natural wonder is Hughenden's Little Grand Canyon. Will share photos as soon as I can.

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