Monday, October 24, 2011


Well, we made it through to Hughenden after spending the day in Julia Creek with Chris at the library. Can't speak highly enough of what Chris is achieving there with the local community. The rapport she has built up is obvious to see with a steady flow of visitors throughout the day. Some come on library business like the itinerant guy that borrows donations. Others pop in to say hi or pass on info. One came in for a dress fitting. Multiple skilled Chris really does make the library the centre of a small but passionate community. The building itself is bright and welcoming, and with two access points it would be hard to find an excuse to walk right by without stopping in. Jennie and I did training with the iPad and Daisy reader, then took Chris to lunch. Only challenge was that with it being Monday the best pub wasn't serving food. It should be noted though that there was a very friendly (and very round) Staffy that was quick to adopt me as it's personal patting machine. Once we realized there was no food to be had we redirected our steps to the other pub in town (got to love country towns and their penchants for multiple watering holes) and were able tom order lunch. The resident dog was not allowed inside, though he did smile nicely for his photo. Will share it at some stage. A good addition to my "dogs of Western Queensland" portfolio. Under normal circumstances my lunch would have rated a 9 out of 10. Unfortunately the chef drowned the salad with salt and pepper squid in some mayonnaise styled goop rendering the meal almost inedible. Such a shame. We took this as a sign and packed our training gear and headed off to Hughenden. With a trip of approx three hours we decided to break our journey at Richmond. Being safe long distance drivers we stretched our legs, had a look around and changed drivers. Biggest disappointment for me was that Tourist Radio station 88.0 FM had talked up a visit to Kronosaur Korner as being a "must see" in Richmond with cakes with fresh cream being the major draw card. Only thing was that when we arrived at 3.30pm the Moon Rock Cafe was closing and we had to leave without cream cakes or a cold drink. The local IGA had neither Coke nor Gatorade so it was lucky I knew how to find my way back to the BP. One bonus of having Jennie navigate is that we do a tourof town trying tof find where we are going so we soon do a lap of the entire town. Better leave it there. At the Council Chambers for the day so lots to do.

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