Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Possum snug

Forgot to mention the thing inspiring me at the moment....possum snugs. The Courier Mail ran a story in the Saturday paper a couple of weeks back and mentioned that this is the time of year that possum rescue picks up. As a result there is increased need for possum pouches. Each rescued possum is allocated a pouch, which goes with them as they go into foster care. A pattern was provided for those that can knit or crochet - given I can't knit to save my life, I decided to give the crochet a go. Problem is that I soon regected the pattern supplied and decided to design my own version - hence the possum snug. This provides a more secure base for little possum bottoms and toes, and gives more support and snuggle capacity as the snug is made in the round, as opposed to a rectangle. While it seemed logical to me I still felt the need to test the product so as soon as I had a prototype I needed a test possum to give it the seal of approval. One phone call later and I had made arrangements to visit a local possum carer. If you don't know the work these band of supporters engage in, here's the short version. As abandoned and rescued possums (brush tails and ringtails) are brought in, they are cared for by these wonderful people. Little pink " jellybeans" need care 24/7. Babies with fur need different care. Feeding, watering, cleaning and foliage collection are just some of what is required. Our visit, yes two friends begged to come along, saw us meeting 6 possums currently in care. Including "Pocahontas" a young male brushy - still new to being handled he jumped straight into the snug with minimal encouragement, turned himself around and latched onto my finger. Ouch. Some time later, after many cuddles, a piece of banana and much lip smacking later, he decided the snug (and the people attached to it) were ok after all. After some minor design modifications and discussions about the benefits of varied sizes - including a double bunk option for a pair of ringtails we left with big smiles and happy hearts. Minus one possum snug. As far as I am aware Pocahontas is still snuggled up in it.

Since then I have put out the call for wool (not acrylic) and I have more than I can cope with, so am now recruiting friends to start making pouches and snugs. Amazing what can be achieved from one idea and support from like minded people. I am now working on snug number 4 and am writing a pattern for my snug design. I will try to share this with you soon.

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