Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Snippet of mosaic

I can't help myself, but every now and then I have to sneak in a little bit of mosaic. I can blame this on the fact that I was following up on my new found access to the Flickr site - and have now not only loaded iamges but have also organised "sets". The librarian in me loves these little tools for organising and sorting!

So, 3 or 4 "sets" later I have a number of images online. The link for those who are interested is:

In the interim thought I would show you the work I completed while I was on leave recently - Green Sea Turtle.

I am hoping to have it accepted for exhibtion in the Australian and NZ Mosaic Association 2009 Conference - Crusty Oceania exhibition. There are so few opportunities to exhibit mosaic art that you can only be excited by the potential. The piece is finished, now to tackle the paperwork and entry form, supply of correct documentation etc. Fingers crossed I get it sorted correctly and that the judging panel select it for exhbition. If successfull, should be on show at the BCC Central Library Sept/Oct 2009 in Brisbane. Will keep you posted re how I go.


  1. Great flickr site. I am very impressed. Your a very talented lady.

  2. Thanks Piglover - am working up to a pig! I have a lovely terracotta one just waiting to be embellished!