Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Spot the Celebrity

I am one of those people who never knows anyone famous, never sees anyone famous, and is unlikely ever to be famous....and that is fine by me. Suffice to say I was pretty stunned when this week I have had not one, but three brushes with fame. Read on. After being haunted by the face of the guy from the Vicks Vapour drop advertisement currently screening on tv, and starting to sneak a peek at fellow bus passengers in the misguided belief that the face must be familiar because I had seen him on the bus previously....I finally put it all together at a meeting with colleagues from QTC when I realised that the Vicks guy is actually the QTC project coordinator for a forthcoming tour of our co-production Maxine Mellor Mystery Project. Obvious really!

Famous moment two came about when we were discussing the Brisbane Powerhouse's current production of Tashi. Turns out Thom who is working with us, played Tashi's best friend in an earlier production. Wow.

Heading off to a meeting back of house in Heritage Collections I was stunned to come across Tom of Master Chef fame. Yes its true - libraries must e hip and happening places because my eyes did not deveive me. Tom has a background in the Arts, Indigenous issues and the law and is utilising these skills working on curatorial content for a forthcoming exhibition. And he bakes a perfect fish! Double wow!

So, who would have thought it - State Library is a hive of activity and the best place in Brisbane to "spot the celebrity". Happy looking!

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