Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter on the farm.

Easter in Tasmania is glorious. The days have been sun filled, with a gorgeous breeze. This has allowed lots of time for exploring and working around the farm. It seems that there is always something to do and I am happy to get in and help with whatever task is out in need of doing. Yesterday's tally included some fence repairs, washing the Jeep - lots of fun with a gurney and bubbles, some gardening and as for each day we are here, checking on the livestock. The flock of sheep has been reduced somewhat as it is hard to properly care for animals when you are not on site. That said, the Black faced Suffolk's remain as does Lily. As one of the hand raised lambs, Lily holds a special spot on the farm acting as our mascot. She comes when called, ever hopeful for a hand out, but the rest of the flock follow her, and I can now identify Sweetpea and Jessie. No mean feat when they look so similar. They too will come over to say hi, but move away again if there is no treat on offer. The cattle are looking well, and Boris the bull has done his job well with four calves so far this season. Molly and Mindy have a little black calf each, Carmel has one also and the panda faced cow has a little calf the spitting image of herself. All in all, farm life is pretty special. I always feel a million miles away from any worries or concerns here. Nature works her magic to refocus how you look at life, which is pretty amazing.

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