Friday, March 22, 2013

Croydon is a gem

Croydon seems to be smaller than Georgetown, but quite ingesting and with a definite historic focus. There is a Historic Precinct where Council is investing time and resources in refurbishing a number of the old buildings. In situ at the original site is the Old Town Hall, complete with large clock, next to the Court building which in turn is adjacent to the Old Police Station, with the Sergeant's Residence taking you up to the corner. Quite an impressive facade along the street line. Just opposite are the Croydon Council Chambers and the library. On the corner diagonally opposite the Sergeant's house is the original Tabletop School House. This too is in the process of being restored. Just down the street a little further is the True Blue Visitor and Information Centre. Part museum, part souvenir store and part archive repository the team who coordinate the services here joined us for the day at the library. Their collective knowledge of the town and it's features were impressive and made for an interesting HistoryPin session. Between us we "pinned" the Town Hall, Courthouse, Police Station, Sergeant's Residence and the school. We took additional photos around town so we should be able to add the General Store and the Club Hotel in addition to the Billy Bing Chee house which is now art of the Mining Museum. The interesting thing is that there were really no historic images yet on HistoryPin, so the guys are going to see what they can find, start their own channel and begin adding content. Another convert or two to HistoryPin.....another successful day! The General Store really was a highlight. When we pulled up outside The mother and son who run it were catching the afternoon breeze, however they were more than happy for us to explore and take photographs. This place is incredible and must be close to unique within Australia. Part convenience store, part museum it is quite the norm to see a shelf of antique kerosene lamps or a box of lamp wicks, above a shelf of WeetBix or cleaning products. Old mixes comfortably with new. Some products on display are listed in the store's 1922 stocktake. Most of the furniture and shelves are original, as I am guessing, is the dust. Best score was the linen bird tea towels proudly proclaiming "Croydon". We stayed at the Club Hotel and had a beer at the Poddy Dodgers Bar - I have the singlet to prove it! 21.3.2013

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