Friday, March 22, 2013

Reptilian adventure

Reptiles and amphibians have featured on our trip too. We saw one snake on the road as we drove out to Georgetown. Large and very much alive there was no chance of stopping to take a better look - contrary to what people may think I am not totally stupid. Something like 65% of Australian snakes are venomous. It was not until our second night there though that we had a close encounter with our own snake. Navigating the usual array of toads we spotted a snake. Must have been a baby as it was tiny, and very fine. Having trouble navigating the smooth concrete of the car port we were able to watch it for some time before it got a better grip and went on its way. Right towards our rooms. So, after grabbing a photo we both went into our rooms and put a towel across the door jamb just in case this little guy wanted to check us out any closer. Have come to the conclusion that it was a baby brown snake, so it's a good thing we didn't go too close to it. Frogs I can cope with once I get over the initial shock of lifting the toilet lid and seeing one, or having one drop down into the toilet bowl after I flush. Trip total for the green tree fron count was 1 in Georgetown at the ant bed house, 1 in Croydon in the toilets (moved from cubicle to cubicle) and 1 in Atherton in the toilet at the Chinese Temple. Took photos of each and every one as the novelty is yet to wear off! 22.3.2013

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