Sunday, May 9, 2010

Green Man unveiled

This is the man of the moment.... finally got around to getting photos of the piece I was working on as a result of attending the plaster wrap workshop with Karen Ami (President of Society of American Mosaic Artists - SAMA) at the symposium in October in Brisbane. He started life as a cap – has now been turned on his end to make a mask like structure.

He is a tribute to Cleo Mussi – I love her work….and this guy is very much in her style. At least I think so, she might not agree. As for my brother, I was so touched. He sent a magazine article up to me that he saw in a magazine with a hand written note saying how much better my mosaic was. The artist in the article was none other than Cleo Mussi. I couldn’t agree with him but was stunned that he took the time to tell me.

Anyway, am now working on my next sculptural piece. She started life as a toy and has now developed into a pink piece of frou frou her name is “Pink Boo”. Stay tuned for images.

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