Sunday, May 9, 2010

Art in the Olives

Spent an amazing day at the Art in the Olives celebration in the Lost World Valley just outside of Beaudesert yesterday. It was a truly wonderful day, with perfect weather, lots of happy Mums and children everywhere. Spent the best part of the day talking about mosaics - the how and whys and just sharing the love of it with lots of interested people. The Queensland MAANZ group got together and compined product to stock a beautiful display of mosaic art. A slow trickle of sales kept us busy during the day, with some funds going to the October Exhibition Fund, and additional contributions coming in for the Breats Cancer Association of QLD fundraiser also. Pretty good effort all things considered.

Was able to unveil my Easter long week end "Red capped blue bird" and the Labour Day long week end "Baby Brown Owl". Lots of positive comments on both pieces which makes my heart happy. Funny thing is that everyone that saw the little bird said "Ooh - look at the cute little chicken". Given I had started out on the piece and specifically put away the chicken colours when I realised that yes, yet again a chicken was in the making, I find this interesting. My conscious decision to not create a chicken seems to have inspired a bird reminiscent of a chicken. Let me know what you think - will post images as soon as I awaiting receipt of images any day now. Until then - smiles and happy mosaic mayhem.

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