Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hobart here we come!

We left the farm early Sunday morning so that we could arrive in Hobart for a visit to the Salamanca markets bright and early. Beat the crowds, find a car park etc. Only problem was the markets are held on Saturdays! Oops. Slight miscalculation of dates. Luckily for me the Tastes of Tasmania festival is on as is the end of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race sponsored by Rolex. While we didn't get to see Wild Oats cross the line in first place for the second up year in a row, we have seen her in the dock, alongside Loyal, Wild Thing and Nikata as well as seeing Brindabella and many of the smaller boats cross the line. Yesterday we walked along Salamanca Place, then headed up and around Battery Point and down again, and by a fluke found a secluded little section of coastline adjacent to the finish line just near the officials hut. As each boat crosses the line the hooter goes off as the boats cross between two yellow buoys. We sat on the rocks protected from the wind by the shrubbery and both got the worst case of sunburnt faces we have had in ages. Incredible given I was wearing a winter coat, long sleeved shirt and jeans. It was freezing in the wind. I now look like a red panda sporting a red face and nose and white eyelets. Battery point was well worth a look with some lovely stone cottages and unique buildings. Obviously both history and money abound in this area. The queue for coffee at the bakery suggests that it is also a trendy place to be seen on a Sunday....or that the coffee is good. Unfortunately the Tastes festival leaves a lot to be desired. Huge crowds and long lines. Food seems expensive and in small proportions. Entertainment for children falls short of the standard I have come to expect at home and as such is disappointing. That said, there is a good audience for the twilight screening of the Sound of Music. A classic at any age. There are also the usual selection of buskers and street performers. My favourites so far are the Verandahcoots. One girl plays honky tonk piano, the other plays her wash board. Sometimes they have a guy on accordion to accompany them, at others not. For perseverance they win hands down. For boppy little routines they are are a crowd favourite. Late afternoon update - when the girls only play they go by the moniker "Ragdolls". 30.12.13

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