Thursday, January 9, 2014

Designer homewares in Hobart

The incoming yachts lured Frank back for viewing again today. As for me, I decided to follow up on some design and interiors research and hit the shops. Details gathered online suggested I focus on homewares stores in the vicinity of Murray Street, Macquarie Street, Elizabeth Street and a couple of parallel streets so that's where I headed. First port of call was Reminiscence, en route to Love and Clutter at 31 Murray St. This shop is full of delightful scarves, bags and jewellery with a strong nod to Parisienne style and not being on my list was a bonus discovery. Imagine my disappointment on walking further along Murray St to find that not only was Love and Clutter not open (a common problem being between Christmas and New Year), but that the shop was in fact empty and the building for lease. I am yet to confirm whether the shop has relocated or whether it no longer exists. Not letting that deter me I headed further up Murray St to number 90 to discover the delights of Inside. This made for dedicated browsing and I happily spent some time looking around. A quirky mix of unique homewares, decorative items and other non necessary but gorgeous items, including the best range of the Irish designer Orla Keily I have yet seen. It would have been no challenge at all to spend up big! Unfortunately for me I have to travel light this trip, but I did succumb to a sweet little flask that was too cute to resist. Inside has certainly made it high on my list of return to haunts in Hobart. Funky Homes was my next destination and it was worth exploring further afield to Liverpool St to find it. Hobart streets are pretty easy to navigate with this one running off Murray St. Funky Homes, located at 149a Liverpool St, certainly lives up to its name and while smaller than Inside is still worth exploring. Arranged in bursts of colour I again found it easy to wander and look quite happily. With Boxing Day sales on most shops seem to have up to 25% off most items! with some ranges 40% off and Christmas lines 50% reduced. I left with a small purchase intended for mosaic embellishment and a smile, happy to have discovered the delights of Funky Homes. For anyone interested they have an online store too, so happy shopping. Unexpected find of the day has to have been Charlie's Bucket. At 166 Liverpool St it is almost next door to Funky Homes. This is certainly my favourite new discovery and as a source of unique children's toys and accessories would give Ruby's Room (discovered on a previous trip to Hobart) a run for its money. Last intended stop for the day was Wishbone at 79 Bathurst St. Found my way there only to discover they were not open until early January. The window display however was enough to reassure me that Wishbone should remain on my list for a future visit. So, as far as quirky little designer stores go, Hobart has a lot to offer. Certainly the tourist material doesn't give a clue to the quality of shopping beyond Salamanca Place. As for Salamanca place that is my intended destination for this afternoons adventure. 30.12.13

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