Sunday, September 16, 2012

Whopper egg

Waking up in the country is such a different experience to waking in the city.  There are bunnies outside the window, and sheep at the back door.  Chickens provide breakfast and the day passes in a blur as you tackle the jobs that  are ever present.....that said, how can feeding the sheep, taking hay to the cattle, collecting wood for the fire and collecting the eggs seem like a chore? Since mucking out the Chook Hilton, the girls have been doing us proud.  With 13 chickens, we are regularly collecting 8 - 12 eggs a day.  Second day of my visit I collected 8 eggs.  There were 7 normal eggs and one giant sized one.  Being intrigued at how a normal sized chicken could produce such a huge egg got me wondering so out came the scales and off I went.  Most eggs weighed in at 62-64 grams.  One weighed in at 67, but once I scraped off the chicken poo, yes these girls are genuine free range girls, it returned to an average weight of 64 grams.  As for my monster egg?  It weighed in at 105grams.  Truly a whopper - and yes, when I used it the next day I was proud to see a double yoker!

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