Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pet bullock

When Jennie and I were in Julia Creek, we were told about a guy in Cloncurry who has a pet bullock he takes everywhere with him. To the general store, for a walk, or even to the pub. Yes, the bullock gets tied up outside, but he is there all the same. Imagine our surprise when as we left the Gidgee Inn in Cloncurry to head to Mt Isa, we looked up and saw the man walking along the road side heading towards us. We pulled off the road, parked the car, clambered through the fence and went to say hi. What an amazing experience, to talk to the gentleman - a genuine quirky character, and his beloved Brahman Drought Master cross. A true gentle giant, the head butt he gave me was almost restrained. Pats and photographs all around and we were all on our way. It was only when I was back in the car that I realized, yes,I was wearing a red shirt.

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