Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Country girl

For me, the things I love most about the country life are the feeling or freedom and the delight in simple things.  The fresh air, the sunsets, the animals. I truly believe that our primary producers are the unsung heroes of our nation. They really do it hard, and it is difficult to see the challenges they face on a daily basis.  While they might be property rich, they are often cash poor, and the Banks just don't get it.  That said, these people would share their last meal with you.   I got to see the pigs being fed, fed the chickens, collected an egg, walked the paddocks, saw the shearing shed - in disuse since 2004when the last sheep were produced, slogged through the mud, befriended the farm dogs and finally saw cattle. With the mud everywhere access was difficult, so it was only on our last morning that Tommy, the fianc√© of Kylie, daughter number two, took us out on the quad bike to look for cattle.  Success!  Brahman cross cattle, they are suited to this land.  Mimosa shrubs and grass are providing good feed at the moment so the cattle are in good shape.  Can't say the same about Jennie and I on our return.  Yes, mud everywhere, both of us though were smiling.

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