Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Technology bites

It is fair to say that we have faced more than the usual number of challenges with technology for this training program. The best laid plans go astray and we really are flying by the seat of our pants adapting our needs as data sources drop out. Jennie is currently delivering a session on databases, from the iPad as the laptop spat the dummy. Council IT were unable to provide appropriate quantities of equipment so we tried to use our own. Council fire walls and security being what they are though, we are not allowed direct access. Mybe we look suspicious and they think we are going to access the Mayor's private calendar.

So, we survived yesterday's challenges and have our fingers crossed for today. Still issues, just a different set to deal with.

The most amazing thing is the Council staff....I have never seen such a bunch of hungry, mannerless people. Our food once delivered by the caterers is under threat, so we have taken to meeting the delivery girl at reception, bringing the food up to the training room, then storing it under the table. Can't leave it in the kitchen, and even had some food taken while we were sitting there with it. Incredible.

The disco glow from the tv at night is now under control. Bed time routine now includes throwing my jeans over the tv screen so that the legs dangle down and block the eerie blue glow. As for the air conditioner, that has to remain off, unless I want a matching green glow decorating the room.

We had a long day yesterday with an early start, then finished the day with a public session on iPads. Saw my first iPad 3. Woohoo!

Today we finish at 4.00 so we are hopeful of having a look around town for an hour or so after work. That will be nice. Need to track down a nifty little shoe shop that someone put us onto when we were in Bagara. Hope to report "mission accomplished" next time I blog. A friends red patent leather Celine wedges inspired me recently. Shame I would have had to kill her to steal them!

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