Saturday, March 31, 2012

Chaos reigns

It is so good to be home again. Dogs are home from kennels and everything is back to normal. Chaos reigns again. The cats have been enjoying the luxury of a dogless house and have been taking advantage of having the full run of the house, upstairs included. Now, that Willow is back on deck I am working hard to stop her chasing Poppy and Frank. Funnily enough she doesn't chase Rennie, probably because Rennie doesn't run from her. Poppy and Frank do, so they run, Willow runs....after them.

Saw an amazing old German Shepherd in Emerald. We were once again stuck in a traffic jam (the result of only one bridge in town being operational) and I noticed his strange gait. Once he came closer it was evident why he was walking strangely....he had a huge rabbit dangling from his jaws. Thankfully it looked well and truly dead. I am convinced the dog was looking for the perfect place to bury the rabbit, all part of the plan to resurrect it in time for Easter.

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