Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kings Beach sunrise

Where in the world would you rather be at this moment? It really is so beautiful here. Dudley's Mum showed a great spot for watching the sunrise, so I ventured forth this morning camera in hand to see what I could find. Beautiful morning, but very cloudy. Not what I was expecting perhaps, but equally beautiful.

Walked the length of the beach again, looking at the totems, collecting shells and small fragments of coral. Found the shell seekers dream idea what type of shell it is, but gorgeous colours and in perfect condition. No little animal residing within so it is now with me to return to Brisbane as a memento.

Met a guy with his son, walking with a three legged Jack Russell. They don't know his name, he accompanied them from the caravan park where they are staying. From Glouchester, they are in Bowen for a couple of weeks. Got talking as you do and they are going to come to the iPad training session at the library this return, fresh coconut for me to try. Love this lifestyle, and how welcoming people are.

Got to go twilight sailing. Totally not what I expected. We were racing 4 other boats, which translates as we were moving. None of this sedate waltz across the water that I might have been expecting. At times we were side on in the water, so close you could dip a toe in, all the while racing. Even with a handicap to allow for our old girls sedate pace, we were never going to win, but as far as experiences go, the absolute best. Surprised myself by not getting sea sick too. Very proud of that fact, as I had no idea whether I had sea legs or not. It was exhilarating, laugh out loud stuff. The best! So thanks go to our host who really did look like an old style sea dog.

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