Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bowen is a must see

Well, day two in Bowen underway with walk along Rose Bay. Headed that way as the map said it was dog off lease. Dudley and Delilah's Mum adopted me so we wales the length of the beach talking and laughing at dog antics as you dog. Was greeted with warmth by the dogs, mostly due to lingering scents of Willow and Cinque I am sure. Beautiful beach, with it taking a good hour to walk the length of the bay and back....at a fast pace. This city girls feet could hardly keep up tiptoeing through the shells and coral.

Another highlight was seeing beach "totems" apparently someone local makes them from time to time along the high tide line. Each one is unique and they could sit happily at Swell, the beach sculpture exhibition at Cummrrumbin each year. Made of natural objects, they flow back into the environment as time takes it's toll. Beautiful moment to see them as sentinels of the beach. The tiny little birds scurrying along the waterline are sweet too. So small, that at first I thought they were crabs. Dudley's Mum said they call them "sand skippers".

For me so far Bowen has been full of little moments like this. Yesterday's was seeing this little thing hop out from under a shrub. Initially I thought it was a small (very small) wallaby or native rat, but as it hoppity hopped across in front of me I realized my mistake. First siting of a Bower Bird and one happy girl later....not sure where he was off to, but I was thrilled to see him. Also saw Black Cockatoos (of the red tailed variety) so that was pretty amazing too. Should see the mess under the tree they are feeding in....they obviously break of the blossom and tips of the branches as they work their way through breakfast, so there was foliage all over the ground. Have only seen these birds once before. In Brisbane of all places during a drought so it was great to see them in their natural habitat.

So far, other than the humidity am enjoying what Bowen has to offer....foggy glasses though is something I don't enjoy. Not to mention that for me it is downright dangerous.

Fingers crossed as tonight we have been invited twilight sailing. Assuming the weather holds. Big storm late yesterday, so we need a breeze, but not a storm.

Launch of the Summer Reading Club Amazing Read Program today at the library so am looking forward to that.

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