Monday, August 10, 2009

Ostrich fever

Funny how change is omnipresent. Seems to me that you just survive one wave and come up spluttering and another is on its way. So, you can choose to do the old ostrich with its head in the sand thing or you can try to embrace it and make it work for you. Enough of that though, don't have an ostrich to share so thought I might share my latest piece of mosaic work. Still one of the feathered guys, but happily, not an ostrich. Hope you like him. Funny story behind it - actually it started out quite tragic but happily for all turned out well. A lady I know from the local off leash rocked up one morning demanding to know if I could "fix her duck?" "What duck?" I asked. Turns out she had a lovel y terracotta duck in the garden, which had been knocked over and broken. Needing to see it first I asked if she could bring it to me to look at. Sure enough a few days later a box passed hands - not containing the advertised dozen bottles of wine, but filled with various pieces (9 in all) of duck. So - much thought, much adhesive and much time later, this is the result. I used a combination of Wedgewood and Johnson Brothers china for the wing and tail detail, then used Italian glass tile in a range of white and off white for the remainder of the head and body. A splash of orange finishes this guy off. His little metal feet are original. Hope you enjoy him. He is now happily back at his original home, but well out of the reach of dogs!

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