Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Got to love libraries

I forget sometimes the thrill of the chase ie the challenge of supplying information for a client to answer their request. So I am happy to say that I had a happy reminder of why I love the research challenge this afternoon.

A colleague requested a copy of the tale of Rama and Sita, suitable for sharing with a young audience. Our copy was missing. So, on to Plan B. Various other items were requested from our collection, which each helped to build the tale, but not at a level easily absorbed by littlies.
This tale really is one of the key Indian folk tales. So, a search of the National Library's online catalogue provided a few clues ie full name of the tale is the Ramayana and the search continued. I have now tracked down a copy of a version for children held in the BCC collection - and a colleague who lives across town will collect a copy tomorrow and bring it in with him on Friday. All in time to educate us into the full beauty of the tale and by the Sunday deadline, as entertainment for a very important persons birthday party! You just have to love team work.

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