Monday, May 25, 2009

Wiki war

Me again - at least if I keep launching blogs I wont forget how to do it. Use it or lose it as they say.

Spent this afternoon looking at Wikis....mmmm...had really only used Wikipedia prior to this afternoons License to Test Drive session. Being a librarian I actually quite like it - using the links to other references and bibliographies which can be wonderful starting points for ongoing research. Yeah, yeah, I know that any Tom, Dick and Harry can get in and add data, but where on earth has common sense gone? Seems like teachers and other educators aren't supporters of Wikipedia, at least judging by the comments from student clients on AskNow. I live in hope that over time educators will be able to work with us to teach students to be more discerning, rather than putting a blanket ban on access.

As for the homework request - check out 3 sites. Well I did that and the results are in. Mint Museum - great data - but am still trying to work out whether I accessed their website or their wiki. If if wasn't their wiki I am still looking for it! Note to self though, go back and look at some of their educational programs. Wookieepedia - fun if you like big furry people. As for Book Lovers Wiki - I got all excited until I saw it was last updated in 2006. Lesson to be learnt there I think....bye for now!

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