Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oops - she did it again.

Well, now that I know I was meant to "blog" about issues related to the Test Drive Project I will refocus and see how I go.

So, the bit about Nathan stands - it is always easier having a human talk you through issues, and with this in mind we are now having a support session weekly within our team to talk through issues and encourage us to complete tasks within the project.

So, how did I find opening a gmail account, selecting names and pass words - or should I say selecting names and pass words that were not already in use? Well, quite frankly, it was long, non intuitive and frustrating. That said, I can see that for some things producing and understanding blogs would be beneficial. So, for a techno dummy like me it is worth perservering. Lets face it I need all the help I can get. This is the girl whose home is still a technology free zone - except for the mobile phone - and no, I don't use all its features! The dog chewed up all of the remote control units, so you can probably work out the rest.

The suggested sideline elements to visit, and suggestions for search terms were great - and contrary to some comments I actually like some of the side line tracks you can take, and yes still find these useful learning tools, but agree that keeping an eye on time dedicated to the project is worthwhile. Serendipity can be a great thing.

As far as learning a new skill I need a few how to's or step by step directions to get going. Based on that I found downloading an image challenging. Have to say I find the instructions a little lacking - searched for ages for how to insert images. Nathan pointed to the icon needed in a nano second. Yep - I blinked and missed it. Anyway finally got my head around it - hence the beautiful mosaic cat image. No I didn't have any library shots to hand. I have lost the cable that connects my digital camera to the computer, so am limited to other options. I guess once you are comfortable downloading images the commonalities in process are evident. For me, I do these things so rarely that I tend to "forget" in between sessions. That is one of the good things about these project based sessions...means I will keep at it.

Anyway, from a girl who SMS's longhand this was never goingto be short - so thanks for hanging in there. Assuming someone out in the eather reads this.

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  1. you'd be surprised at who might read your posts...