Thursday, July 18, 2013

Snorkelling of sorts

The weather for our trip has been far from ideal,but you make of it what you will. Winds overnight were up to 40 knots, but May's Bay protected us from the worst of it. With a little sunshine this morning we took the opportunity to go out int he dingy and test the snorkelling gear. Well, I put my face mask and snorkel on, dangled head first out of the dingy and checked out the coral, bommies and fish. Sighting of the morning was Mr Moray eel. A pale white colour I thought perhaps he was a rock due to his lack of movement, but appatprent,y thats what they do.....lurk, then when something comes within range, lunge! Perhaps not the traditional way to snorkel but given the wind conditions and temperature of the water a good compromise. We decided to head back to the yacht, making it back on board within minutes of another downpour. Perfect timing. Next was breakfast - spaghetti on toast with toast cooked the camping way. For this city girl a new way of doing things using a funky little rack to balance the toast over the gas flame. Why is it that food tastes so much better outdoors? 14.7.13

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