Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cunnamulla Railway Station gets a HistoryPin make over

This site really was a highlight of my visit to Cunnamulla. While still in use for freight train access, the station is now looking a little tired and neglected. That said, this grand old girl is still well worth a visit. The unique thing about the station is that it has a covered platform. Apparently there are only three covered platforms in Queensland. While the station started being used in 1878, the current structure dates from 1930 as the original was destroyed by fire. Interestingly, there is an historic photo in our collection at SLQ of the Cunnamulla Railway Station - complete with car parked out the front. So, of course, we tried to capture the contemporary version of this scene via HistoryPin. Unfortunately for us, though we returned on two occasions, for some reason we were in a black spot and as such couldn't take an overlay image of the contemporary view onto the historic. Telstra let us down as we just couldn't get a signal. We did however take photos - with our Mitsubishi Lancer positioned where the car was in the original photo. This we will add to the site once we are back in Brisbane.

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